And in 2016

Wow! What a year!

Life has been pretty hectic this year and today I find myself writing this after playing the Beacon Theatre here in NYC with Mexican superstar Thalia. I'm super thankful for all this opportunities and blessings and all the people that have helped me get to this moment.

I've been blessed to join Thalia and her incredible band for her "Latina Love Tour" promoting her new album "Latina". Never in a thousand years I would have imagined that, last summer, when I went to visit superhero Marc Quiñones at Avatar for a session for her album, I was actually getting a preview of the job I'd have to prepare for.


2016 has been full of work including 8 y mas, La India, Plena Libre, Jeremy Bosch, Mango Blue, Lila Downs, Powell Fouche Latin Jazz Group, Eddie Palmieri, Domino Saints and recording sessions including Nadia Washington, Oskar Cartaya etc.

I'll post more stuff later on when tour is over.

With love,


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